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  • Jul 01

    New Developer Reference Now Live!

    The new Ektron Developer Reference is now live!

    Advantages include:

    • Documentation is searchable
    • Documentation can be easily printed
    • Easier navigation
    • Identification of when items were added to the API / Product
    • Additional information, such as data classes

    Feedback and corrections, if any, are welcome and can be sent to me at james.stout@ektron.com.

    There is a temporary link to the old reference site on the home page of the new version for those who still need to see those samples.

  • Mar 18

    Ektron 9.1 Pilot Program Announced!

    As we get ready to launch v9.1, we are looking for early adopters to work with us in a v9.1 Pilot Program. Complete this survey to find out more.

  • Feb 26

    Old DevCenter Now Archived

    The old DevCenter site (dev.ektron.com) will be available as a read-only archive only. Things to note:

    1. Your username & password is the same on the new site, developer.ektron.com
    2. Going forward, please use the new URL, developer.ektron.com
    3. The old discussion forums and old KB articles are still available as an archive (read-only)


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List Enums in Ektron

List Enums in Ektron

Posted in Code Snippets on Mar. 24, 2015 @ 5:38 PM, by Daved

I write utilities from time to time to make working with APIs, Libraries, CMS, and anything else, a bit easier. The latest one came while working with a couple different projects. The example I provided happens to be working with Ektron, but it's adaptable to any API that has enumerations created in a class, or several classes.

Check out my blog post about this, and download the zip file for an easily viewable, and filterable, list of the enumeration options listed in Ektron.Cms.Common.EkEnumeration.

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