9.1 Pilot Overview

We are currently looking for 9.1 pilot participants. Ektron 9.1 contains many improvements including SOLR Load Balancing, advanced workflow and our new Content Marketing Platform (or CMP for short).


We've introduced what we are calling "Advanced" workflow, which exists side by side with the traditional workflow system. Using Advanced Workflow, you can design workflow within Visual Studio and Microsoft's Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), and tie in content approval events from the CMS into that workflow allowing for a greater Business Process Automation across systems.

CMS Users can configure users or user groups as approvers, and set an escalation path should the initial set of approvers not respond within a period of time. This will ensure that content items are moving through the organization efficiently and not get lost within long-running workflow process.


Get a sneak peek into Ektron's new offering: the Content Marketing Platform (or CMP for short). Join now to learn more!

Load Balancing

We are building on our SOLR release in 9.0 to add Load Balancing support. Site visitors will benefit from improved responsiveness when submitting search queries or other parts of the site that uses SOLR search. Furthermore, Load Balancing can also be used as a fail over system to provide uptime for your SOLR search servers should search be a business-critical part of your site.

Thank you

Thank you for your interest. Fill out the form on this page for access to our 9.1 pre-release program. You will be contacted as we get closer to the pilot date with information on downloading and applying Ektron 9.1.

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