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For the past few months we’ve been developing a customer portal for Ektron customers.  We are now finishing development and planning to launch a beta at the end of the month. For quite some time now you have asked for insight into cases as well as account information. Some of the functions that will be available are below.
  1. Ability to manage cases – Customers will be presented with their recent cases as well as recent cases from the account
    • Customers can now have visibility into cases they own as well as other cases created by employees of their company.
    • The ability to search for a history of cases
    • New case creation
    • View details of cases including email correspondences, comments, and call logs, add attachments, notes, and upload a database


  2. Account information – Information will include account manager information, maintenance expiration and company contacts.
    • The account page will display news, allow you to view databases you’ve uploaded, contact information, and contact information for your Ektron account manager.
  3. Downloads – Customers will now be able to get download links for products without having to contact support

  4. Community functionality – Blogs, KB’s
    • Our blogs and knowledgebase from developer.ektron.com will be ported into the customer portal.

Development Notes:
The site is being developed using the Ektron framework API as well as integration points from our crm for case management.
Some of the Ektron components used in the development of this site are: Pagebuilder, Taxonomy, Aliasing, and Blogs.
We have also developed this site with mobile in mind. We've designed the pages with Twitter Bootstrap so whether you're on a desktop or checking information from your phone the site should deliver the information you need.
Pages mainly pull information using ajax calls to the server allowing for a more dynamic feel to the site. Since we're processing a lot of information from our crm, we felt it necessary to make the pages load and then grab the information, allowing you to perform actions on the page while waiting for the other components to load.

We’re going to be doing multiple phases to this project so more will be included as we progress, but we’d like to hear your feedback on what's going to be in the portal as well as things you’d like to see. If you have suggestions or would like to be a part of our BETA program, please fill out the following form.


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