Roles and Permissions Part 2. Permissions

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 Permissions regulate which activities CMS users and CMS user groups can perform on content, library items, and content folders.  You give your CMS web masters the ability to perform advanced actions. This would include adding folders, editing folder properties, and deleting folders. At the same time, you only allow content editors the ability to view, edit, and add content.

The permissions for a Web Master and a content editor are going to be very different because they have different roles. No good can come from giving someone the ability to delete folders and content when they don’t need to have the permission to delete.  When you give all your users admin permissions it’s similar to not locking a door. Anyone can get in if they wanted too.

Only Ektron administrators and users identified on the Manage Members for Role: Folder User Admin screen can set permissions. You can set permissions for a folder or an individual content item. Content item permissions override the associated content folder permissions. When you assign permissions to a folder, they affect all of its subfolders and content unless you break inheritance for a subfolder or content item.

You manage the following permissions through the Permission Table. The Permissions Table appears when you click Permission ( from a folder’s or content item’s Properties window. Below is a list of the actions you can manage.

  • Content management: view, add, edit, delete, restore
  • Library File Management: view, add images, add other types of files, add hyperlinks, overwrite files
  • Folder management: add, edit, delete, traverse
  • Work with collections and Menus

It is important to note that users can only add, edit, or delete content in folders if they have traverse permission for its parent folders all the way up to root.  If the folder your assigning permissions is not the root folder, you need to grant the user the Traverse Folder permission to all folders above that folder.  If you don’t then the user cannot navigate to the folder. 

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