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As my last blog post focused on the blog API because of questions we've had on it recently, I figured I'd follow suit here with the creation of a console app. We've been getting cases rather frequently with users asking how to create a console app. Here is a sample of how this can be achieved. 

Download the Console App Here

Setup and use of the console app.
The console app will need to be updated for whatever version of Ektron you're using. 
To update please use the following steps.
1) Open the reference folder and remove all of the references.
2) Right click on references and click add reference.
3) Navigate to c:\programfiles\Ektron\version\startersites\3tiermin\content\bin (must be same version as the site)
4) Add all the 3-tier bin files as references
5) Navigate to c:\programfiles\Ektron\version\startersites\3tiermin\content\ through file explorer 
6) Replace the ektron.cms.framework.unity.config and instrumentation.config files in the project from the ones in the above location (must be same version as the site)
7) Edit the app.config and change the ek_ServicesPath to point to your site. 


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