Showing Different Content Based on Visitor's Location

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    We are currently designing a new website where the content for the homepage will be different depending on the website visitor's location. I understand there is a Targeted Content Widget for targeting specific content at specific people based on their location. This is not what we need - we need to be able to change all content blocks/widgets on the homepage such as the banner carousel content and other feature boxes.

    I am a bit confused as how to use the details for a user's location from using the Ektron.Cms.UserLocationInfo object from the API, to change each of the widgets on the homepage. I would imagine we would need a folder for each option (one for domestic and one for international) but then informing a page builder template to use the correct widget content is where we draw a blank. Do we use two page builder templates?

    Any ideas?


    Posted 2/20/2017 @ 7:43 AM
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