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  • Add acceptable XSLT files to the system

    Applies to Ektron versions 8.0.2 SP5, v8.5+.


    Due to security reasons, external XSLT files with customized XSLT might not work with the Content Block server control's DisplayXSLT. This document describes how to add your acceptable XSLT to Ektron.

  • Modify Commerce Screens

    In the event that you need to change or modify your commerce screens for shipping providers, addresses etc, there are a few different options you have. 

    1. Modify the code itself
      • Install the Ektron SDK : C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\CMS400v86\Utilities\CMS400SDK_Setup.exe
      • This SDK comes installed with samples of the out of the box functionality. You can modify these and build or replace in the Ektron solution. For example
        • IF you would like to modify USPS shipping methods to add a new type, you can open up the USPSShipmentProvider.cs file in the SDK. Once open, you will see a bunch of lists under the static method UpsParam(). Add in your other options such as _serviceOptionList.Add("UPS_Ground_InTown", "99");
        • Add this new file to your app_code/cscode folder and you should see your changes to the options lists as you proceed through the shipping process
    2. Modify the XSLT's
      • Navigate to the following location in your site root folder \Workarea\Xslt\Commerce
      • Edit one of the files to update necessary fields or text. You can include jquery calls as well to manipulate values. Such as in the example above, you could add a "Select" option to the top of the shipping method dropdown: Pseudo code below
        • $('.shippingmethodtype').html('<option>Select</option>' +  $('.shippingmethodtype').html());
      • Save and Recycle the application pool. Your changes should be live. 
    In the event of an upgrade note that option 2 would be overwritten by the upgrade as the workarea is replaced. Please make sure you backup the files before the upgrade occurs.


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