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  • How To Update Windows Credentials Associated With Search Server

    Search Server is configured with specific Windows credentials upon which many of its components are dependent. If the password for the account associated with your Search Server instance should require a change (or if you want to change this account entirely), the dependent components must also be updated.

  • After Windows Update, Error during Search Server Installation

    This article explains how to resolve an error that can appear during the search server installation after you install a windows update.

  • Assets not indexed after upgrading the Search Server from 8.5 to 8.6

    When an 8.5 search server is upgraded to 8.6 (using EktronSearchConfiguration.exe), assets may not be transferred to the search server for indexing during a crawl.

  • Configure Search Server tolerance for errors

    Search Server has a configurable tolerance for errors that it encounters during a crawl (a "delete" is technically an error: Object not found). If you think about traditional web crawling, this makes sense as you never know when a site may just be down temporarily. You would not necessarily want to remove all content from your index just because the crawl coincided with a temporary network outage or something like that. In our system though we tend to know exactly when data should be removed. For that reason, we typically configure Search Server to set these tolerance levels to 0.

  • How to setup a SharePoint search site

    When troubleshooting search results issues, a SharePoint Search Server search site allows you to check if items are being indexed.

  • Recursive Folder Queries via Ektron Framework API

    For recursive searches (through subfolders), use the SearchContentProperty.FolderIdPath property with a ContainsExpression.


     SearchContentProperty.FolderIdPath.Contains(cmsfolderidpath) //trim the leading /0/ (if any) in your CMS folder path.

    For non-recursive searches, use SearchContentProperty.FolderId  property.

    For a more in-depth discussion on this concept please see this blog post below.

    Recursive Folder Queries

  • Search Server Port Requirements


    The components in the Search Server infrastructure use various ports for communication. These ports must be opened to permit normal search operation.

  • In Search Results, the Summary for PageBuilder Pages is Incorrect

    Applies to Ektron versions 8.5 SP1 and higher

  • Add or Remove Search Properties in the Keyword Index To Enhance Highlighted Summaries

    In a simplistic scenario, a keyword query executed against one's search index returns results where the body of a result item contains data relevant to the specified keywords.  Often this data is also applied when the search provider dynamically generates a summary for a result. 

    The relevancy of these result sets can be enhanced by allowing indexed fields, relevant within one's business context, to contribute their contents to the keyword index. Conversely, index fields that do not positively contribute to the relevancy of one's result set can be excluded from the keyword index. 

  • String refinements with special characters result in a malformed query error

    When the search provider for a CMS site is Microsoft's FAST Search for SharePoint 2010, some string refinements containing special characters can result in a malformed query error when applied to search criteria.

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