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Problem : User search using keyword query via search API does not work after 9.1 upgrade

Applies to Ektron WCM


  • After upgrading from 9.0 to 9.1, keyword search using user name, display name, or any fields below does not work.

    • ebtfirstname
    • ebtlastname
    • ebtdisplayname
    • ebtemailaddress
    • ebtusertags
    • ebtmapaddress


  • If a field needs to be keyword searchable, it needs to be subject to linguistic processing. For the user fields mentioned here, since there is no language information, Ektron cannot do linguistic processing. Hence, we removed support for keyword searches on these fields.


  • Change the keyword search code so that it uses the appropriate property expression. For example, change:

    criteria.QueryText = <firstname>;


    criteria.ExpressionTree = SearchUserProperty.FirstName.Contains(<firstname>) |



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