Ektron Expert’s Corner

The Expert's Corner gives Ektron Experts a place to share their knowledge on a wide variety of topics, ranging from architecture, API design, search, and beyond.

  • Daved Artemik's Page

    Daved Artemik | Sr. Technology Consultant

    Daved is an 8-year veteran Ektron developer and consultant. He's worked on many projects for clients as well as provided best practices advice to organizations world-wide.
  • Chris Banner's Page

    Chris Banner | Senior Software Engineer

    As a software engineer with Ektron’s product development team, Chris has been responsible for the design and development of Ektron’s search APIs. Currently, he leads a team that is exploring innovative ways in which search technologies can be applied to enhance the content publishing experience.
  • Derek Barka's Page

    Derek Barka | Chief Software Architect

    Derek Barka is a six year veteran of Ektron.  His team is responsible for the CMS development platform, social networking, eCommerce, as well as the new Digital Experience Hub.  His current passion is ensuring Ektron is the best .NET platform for managing your web site’s digital experience.
  • Andrew Eddy's Page

    Andrew Eddy | Manager, Authoring Experience

    Andrew currently manages the Authoring Experience team in engineering, implementing a new content editing experience for version 8.6+ and is continuing to work on exciting UX developments for upcoming releases.
  • Lance Farquhar's Page

    Lance Farquhar | Software Architect

    Lance has had the opportunity to serve Ektron in the capacity of project management and development since he joined Ektron in 2011. Lance is looking forward to serving the Ektron development community and learning how we can help developers become more successful.
  • Steve Mann's Page

    Steve Mann | Software Architect

    Steve works as a Software Architect at Ektron. Most of his free time outside of work involves rewriting his own applications to get them into the simplest form possible. And when he's not doing that, he's probably playing chess, reading a novel, driving around Boston, or searching for a new cigar.
  • James Stout's Page

    James Stout | Technical Marketing Manager

    An Ektron developer since 2006 and now Ektron's Developer Evangelist, James is well known in the Ektron developer community as "eGandalf."
  • Brad Steele's Page

    Brad Steele | Senior Developer - Experis GCS

    Working in the web world since 1994 and content management since 2001 Brad Steele currently leads a team of developers at Experis GCS.
  • Support Group Page

    Support Group Page | Technical Support Leads

    The Technical Support Group Profile is a profile for the Technical Support Engineering Leads.

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