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  • Minding Your Ps and Qs: Connection Strings

    2/22/2013 9:13:48 AM

    Running a tab while hoisting a few hops-infused beverages is a world-wide tradition. In taverns of yesteryear, barkeepers were said to track a patron's tab by making tally marks for each pint and quar...

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    The Secret to Code

    2/7/2013 5:03:33 PM

    It is no mystery that throughout history people have used code to hide and transmit information. Over 2,000 years of history to prove that. The human brain is adept at recognizing and creating pattern...

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    Aloha Tip: Colored Hyperlinks when Editing

    2/1/2013 2:44:59 PM

    One of the comments we hear about the Aloha editor is “We love the new editor but how do we get the hyperlinks to appear as different color then the regular text.” By default, when you’re editing wit...

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