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  • Search Configuration Part 3: Registration

    5/24/2013 6:34:06 AM

    I am the Ektron Search Configuration utility. In part 2, I took a short trip to visit my cousin, the Ektron Windows Service. There, I picked up information about any CMS sites he had previously discov...

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    I lift things up and put them down, Part 2.

    5/21/2013 11:20:33 PM

    OK, so it’s been a few weeks since our last session, it’s now time to give your database a physical examination, open wide!. Now, your database might be in good shape, but don’t let exterior fool you,...

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    Working from the Console

    5/9/2013 2:39:56 PM

    As my last blog post focused on the blog API because of questions we've had on it recently, I figured I'd follow suit here with the creation of a console app. We've been getting cases rather frequentl...

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    Roles and Permissions Part 1

    5/3/2013 9:35:01 AM

    You want to give your CMS users access to what they need to do there job but at the same time you don't want everyone to be an administrator.  We all know that bad things happen when everyone is able...

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