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This is a group profile for the Team Leads of the Technical Support Group.
  • Search Configuration Part 4: The Crawl

    6/28/2013 8:11:45 AM

    I am the Ektron Search Configuration utility. In part 3, I handled the registration of a CMS site with the search server. As the process completed, I asked the search server to perform an initial craw...

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    A Customer Portal!

    6/14/2013 8:44:04 AM

    For the past few months we’ve been developing a customer portal for Ektron customers.  We are now finishing development and planning to launch a beta at the end of the month. For quite some time now y...

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    Roles and Permissions Part 2. Permissions

    6/10/2013 1:29:46 PM

     Permissions regulate which activities CMS users and CMS user groups can perform on content, library items, and content folders.  You give your CMS web masters the ability to perform advanced action...

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